AUTOCHEK GAS & SMOKE (N) Multifunction

Model Of Emission Gas And Smoke Opacity (N) With Trolley

Autocheck Gas & Smoke Analyzer integrates Gaseous (CO, CO2, HC, O2, Nox, Lambda, or AFR) analyzer of Gasoline or LPG cars and Smoke Opacity Analyzer of Diesel Vehicle as one unit. And we actuated Diesel Engine RPM/Temperature mete of RPM/Oil Temperature meter for Gasoline Engine and switchable one adaptor box and one serial plug.

External Display Alat Uji Emisi Bensin dan Solar

Gas Analyzer exceeds the performance requirements ASM/BAR97, OIML Class 1&0, This technique measures the amount of ligh blocked by the sample on a scale of zero opacity to black with zero obscurity indicating no smoke in the sample cell and black Design criteria conform to French NF R 10-025, the German PTB EO 18-09, ISO 11614 draft and ECE R24, Annex 8/9 specifications.

Autochek Gas & Smoke (N) Features:

  • Heavy duty and high accuracyanalyzer.
  • Read continuous measurements either in service garage or in vehicle under load.
  • Complete stand alone unit, no additional equipment required for operation.
  • Large LCD display with backlight and touch-keypad operation.
  • Automatic zero calibration and semi automatic span calibration.
  • Rugged deluxe ABS case.
  • Clip jack for Power DC 12V
  • PC software (option), Trolley (optional)
  • Model Of Emission Gas And Smoke Opacity (N)
  • Self diagnostic.
  • Data management (save, edit, delete).
  • Maximum accuracy, high performance and operational stability promoted by microprocessor control and automatic programs.
  • Commucation with personal computer interface RS-232.
  • Built in thermal printer.
  • Engine temperature & RPM check kit (option).
  • Choice of language English or Indonesia (Requirement)
  • Result test numbers and graphic of print data opacimeter
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