Complete Vehicle Monitoring Solution

Autotest Automonitor

The AutoTest® AutoMonitor combines four technologies into one compact dash mounted design, providing the fleet manager with extensive operational and safety information.

  • A Digital Tachograph records distance travelled and driver activity, including vehicle speed and speed exceedance events
  • A Rollover Prediction System predicts the likelihood of rollover and visually and audibly warns the driver to reduce speed
  • A Vehicle Health Monitor provides real-time vehicle condition and weight monitoring, including brake and suspension performance indication, and engine fault diagmostics via OBD-II
  • A GPS-based Tracker real-time vehicle tracking and allows fleet operators to view current health and load state
  • Integral printer
  • Uses AutoTest IrDA Printer Paper Pack.

Vehicle Condition and Safety Monitoring

Provides an economical method of measuring mass and safety monitoring

  • Potential rollover events
  • Axis of vehicle including gyroscopic effects
  • Gross mass of the vehicle dynamically
  • Suspension condition
  • Long term brake efficiency
Solution for Accident Vehicle

AutoMonitor Information and Safety System

AutoMonitor from AutoTest uniquely incorporates three vehicle information and safety technologies including tachograph vehicle dynamics, and GPS-based tracking into one easy to use device.

AutoMonitor is a compact, all in one, space saving dash mounted solution that enables the vehicle owner to track the vehicle, keep an electronic logbook and measure vehicle dynamics to provide outputs such as brake and suspension condition, driving hours and over-speeding. Data logged can be securely accessed via internet, or downloaded directly to a PC via communication port.

Safety of Driver

Vehicles and other road users is paramount. Where passenger vehicles such as buses are concerned, safety takes on a whole new dimension as minimising the risk of injury or loss of life in a rollover or collision is essential to maintaining passenger and public confidence.

Vehicle safety and dynamics need to be constantly monitored and measured, allowing immediate feedback to the vehicle owner outside of the regular maintenance inspection cycle.

Logging of driver hours is often a mandatory safety requirement and while equipment is available to do this it often ignores additional safety features such as vehicle dynamics and location monitoring

Driver Alert:

AutoMonitor constantly monitors vehicle dynamics and alerts the driver when a vehicle is likely to roll over. This enables the driver to make informed decisions when applying defensive driving techniques to avoid impending danger.

  • In- vehicle personnel visual and audio alerts
  • Alerts driver when vehicle becomes unstable and rollover is likely
    • Under normal conditions where vehicle is stable the green light will be illuminated

      When the likelihood of rollover reaches 40%, the yellow warning light will turn on

      When the likelihood of rollover is above 60%, the red ‘danger’ light will illuminate, and the unit will sound a high-pitched alarm

  • Alert events are recorded in the device, which can be later downloaded to a PC
  • Alert sensitivity can be adjusted to suit specific topography and training needs