Autotest Gas Analyser

The Four/Five Portable Gas Analyser can be used as a stand-alone unit or as an integrated part of the Vehicle Test Lane, Suitable for use on Petrol, Diesel LPG and CNG engines.

  • Capability to measure CO, HC, CO2, O2 and NOx (optional) contents of petrol, CNG, LPG and Diesel vehicle exhaust
  • RPM measurement facility using vehicle battery or using optional accelerometer and inductive pick-up methods
  • Integral printer
  • Uses AutoTest IrDA Printer Paper Pack
  • Compatible with PC-based operation
  • Complies with the OIML R99 (ISO 3930) Class 0 specification
  • Portable, light-weight design.

Standard Accessories:

  • Sampling probe assembly for gas intake
  • Battery cable assembly
  • Oil temperature probe.
Autotest Pedal Effort

Optional Accessories:

  • Accelerometer sensor pick-up
  • Inductive pick-up and cable assembly
  • Gas test software for PC interface
  • RS232 to USB Adaptor
  • NOx sensor for measuring ?fth gas.

Features for PC based operation:

  • PC software allows for the photograph of vehicle number plate with unique job ID in colour printout

Standard Features:

  • Automatic condensation discharge through built-in heater
  • Automatic zero calibration
  • Air leak check facility
  • HC residue check before each test
  • Vacuum check for blocked input probe
  • Stores up to 100 tests.
  • Integrated thermal printer for printing test report
  • Independent 7 Segment LED display windows for CO, CO2, HC and O2