Cesva Instruments

The company was founded in 1969 in Barcelona (Spain) and has specialised in acoustics since its inception. We manufacture acoustic equipment and instruments and are renowned for our sound level meters and condenser microphones. We also have our own Research & Development department and numerous patents. All of our products are marketed under the CESVA trademark and are developed and manufactured at our own plant. Our highly qualified production staff have many years of experience in the assembly of electronic systems, both digital and analogue. We sit on several committees, both Spanish and International, for the creation and revision of regulations and standards.

We have participated - with great success - in several European projects, thereby substantially increasing our experience. From our humble beginnings, we have maintained close-ties with various universities, where a mutually beneficial relationship has developed. This has lead to a series of joint projects, lectures, student training contracts and various other ventures. Legal information: CESVA Instruments, SL registered in the company register of Barcelona in volume 22449, folio 27, sheet B-37251, inscription 7.

Cesva Exhibtion

Sound Level Meter.

Integrating Sound level meter class 1 with audio recording expandable to spectrum analyzer for third octave bands.

measures all functions simultaneously, with all frequency-weightings. Amongst these are all the functions necessary to calculate the basic indices for the acoustic evaluation of most countries in the world: S, F and I functions, equivalent continuous levels, percentiles, impulsiveness indices, peak levels, sound exposure levels, short functions, etc. IEC 61672-1:2002 Class 1 Sound Level Meter, ANSI S1.4-1983(R2006): ANSI S1.4a-1985(R2006) Class 1 Sound level meter.

Noise Dosimeter.

Pocket devices that allow the measurement of noise dose to which workers are exposed. High performance Dosimeter: Spectral Analyser, huge memory and USB Port. Ideal instrument for measuring noise according to Directive 2003/10/CE. high performance dosimeter and is the ideal instrument for measuring noise according to Directive 2003/10/CE. It adapts to technical progress and is perfect for health & safety requirements regarding the exposure of workers to the risks arising from noise.

Sound Level Dosimeter Vibrometer Calibrators
Sound Level Meter Noise Dosimeter Vibration Meter Calibrator

Vibration Meter.

The essential equipment for vibrations measurements, Triaxial Vibrometer, Instrument for the assessment of vibration for occupational health (risk at work) and building regulations. With the CESVA Capture Studio software (included) the measurements carried out with the VC431 can be downloaded (USB) and the results analyzed quickly and simply


All acoustic instruments need constant verification of their performance. CESVA calibrators are a simple means by which to carry out this verification. Portable and user friendly calibrator, ideal for checking sound level meters and dosimeters on the measurement site, or in the laboratory. Multi-frequency Vibration Calibrator manufactured according to ANNEX A (Normative) ISO 8041.