CESVA INSTRUMENTS | VC431 Triaxial Vibrometer

Instrument for the assessment of vibration for occupational health (risk at work) and building regulations

Cesva Triaxial Vibrometer VC431
  • Vibrometer in-line with ISO 8041
  • Measures all parameters simultaneously for each application (HA, WB, Buildings and Structure)
  • Single measurement scale, irrespective of the application (HA, WB, Buildings and Structure)
  • Great storage capacity: saves the time history of the measurement
  • USB connectivity & power

Main Features:

The VC431 is a triaxial vibrometer (in accordance with the regulation ISO 8041 and the ideal instrument for vibration measurements in-line with Directive 2002/44/EC on risks arising from the exposure of workers to mechanical vibration.

The VC431 can also evaluate the effect of vibration on the structure of buildings and terrain (UNE 22-381-93).

The VC431 is a user-friendly instrument (thanks to its simple iconographic display) with a single scale, simultaneous measurement and display of all parameters for each application.

With the CESVA Capture Studio software (included) the measurements carried out with the VC431 can be downloaded (USB) and the results analyzed quickly and simply.

Its reduced weight, versatility and user-friendliness make it the hand-held instrument par excellence for the assessment of risks related to vibration.

Standard Regulation:

  • ISO 8041:2005/Cor1:2007 Vibrometer
  • EN ISO 8041:2005 Vibrometer


    The VC431 vibrometer operates with the following triaxial accelerometers:
    • AC031 Triaxial accelerometer for the Hand-arm application
    • AC032 Triaxial accelerometer for the Buildings/Structure application
    • AC033 Triaxial accelerometer for the Whole body application

Applications for VC431

  • Industrial Hygiene: Occupational hygiene has always been one of the most important preventative sciences, due to the risks that physical agents such as noise or vibration pose for workers’ health.
  • Vibration measurements: Vibration can be understood as repetitive oscillations or movements of an object around a position of equilibrium. It may be divided into desired and undesired vibration.
  • Hand Arm (HA): 2002/44/EC / ISO 5349-1 / ISO 5349-2
  • Whole Body (WB): 2002/44/EC / ISO 2631-1
  • Assessment of vibration in buildings: ISO 2631-2 (Buildings)
  • Evaluation of the effect of vibration on the Structure of buildings and the terrain: UNE 22-381-93

Accessories included with the VC431:

  • FN431 Case
  • STF030 Computer program
  • CN1US USB cable miniature connector USB, Two 1,5 volt batteries

Accelerometers (not included with the VC431):

VC431 Accelerator