Cosber Industrial | Roller Brake Tester 2/3/4 Wheels

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The Cosber Roller Brake Tester is a brake tester series for motorcycle brake testing. It is used in test of most 2/3/4 wheeled motorcycles. The series is modularly designed and based on three types of hot galvanized roller beds with different roller lengths

Available just as Roller Brake Tester only, or as combination with Side Slip Tester and Suspension / Road Contact Tester.

The computer will analyze the signal and display the inspection result on the Monitor/ Display Board. The combination unit is available as part of our COSBER Fully Integrated Vehicle Test Lane Concept and all the pass / fail criteria are handled by the COSBER Test Lane Computer. In case of multiple Lane Stations we make use of a COSBER Station Server.

These Roller Brake Testers are equipped with the Motor Driven Rollers.


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  • The benefits of this design:
    • No loss of brake force due to misalignment
    • Internal wear and losses in gearbox / motor combination are compensated
    • Brake force measurement directly on the rollers
    • Very accurate brake force readings
    • Suitable for applied test mode (e.g. for electric parking brakes in modern cars)
    • High IP65 protection
    • Very compact construction
    • Low maintenance
    • All steel is of highest quality and hot galvanized., no corrosion problems
    • The wear surfaces of the rollers are based on mesh steel to ensure a long life time and accurate measurements
    • The display can be mounted either on the wall, saving floor space, or on floor column devices, that are designed so equipment is protected even when floor is cleaned with chemicals. It can also be mounted on a trolley making it easy to move around.
    • A highly versatile modular test system, it can accommodate 2 wheelers, 3 wheeler (side car and tricycle), and 4 wheeler (quad), with auto detect of vehicle type.
  • Installation
    • Hot galvanized subframes can be concreted into the ground before the actual brake tester is installed.
    • The subframes ensures easier planning and implementation of installation as well as correct alignment of the brake tester during concreting.
    • Can be installed both indoor and outdoor in most environments from -30°C to 60°C and humidity up to 95°.