Cosber Industrial | KWK-15 Automatic Dimension Scanner system (LWH Detection System)

Alat Automatis mengukur Dimensi Kendaraan

Cosber Dimension Scanner is automatically measurement of the dimension size, including length, height, width and axle distance, without manual intervention. Car outline automatic detection systems comply with the latest national standard GB21861 requirements. Advanced computer-based real-time stereo vision technology, optics, electronics, computers and other high-tech in one. In the capture of a series of core technology based on the development of automatic, visualization, network outside dimensions measuring system.

Car outline instrument purpose and scope:

Automatic vehicle scanner dimensionon measuring length, width, higher dimensions. Medium heavy trucks, special vehicles, trailers hanging portion outside dimensions must be automatically measured items. Product is suitable for indoor and outdoor environmental installation, the user does not increase the cost of infrastructure.

Products real shot diagram shows:

Gambar Animasi Pengukuran Dimensi Pengukuran

  • High degree of automation: automatic vehicle outer contour measuring length, width, higher dimensions, the measurement process without human intervention.
  • Fast speed: The integrated parallel algorithm software, running on high-performance multi-CPU computer industry, in vehicle output measurement results within 30 seconds pass.
  • High accuracy: measuring error of <1%.
  • The detection process visualization: measurements are pictured save for easy access and review.
  • practicality: a "non-stop" by type detection methods, the driver low operating requirements; installation does not take up space.
  • Network Interface: vehicle detection system software and network connections linkage, easy control, and data exchange.

Car outline instrument features:

Lay Out Vehicle Contour