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Emission Gas Analyser

The KWQ 4/5 Automotive Emission Gas Analyzer be made in our company that is designed to measure the concentration CO, CO2 and HC by using non-disperse infrared (NDIR) method and to detect O2, NOx by using electrochemical cell method. The bench is import from Japan and the sensors are import from UK.

Be sure to read this Manual before using the KWQ 4/5. Store this manual safely so that it is readily available whenever necessary.

Trolley For Emission Gas Analyser

Main Features:

  • It uses in measuring automotive emission exhaust CO, HC, CO2, O2, (NOx optional).
  • LCD display with English operation menu. It is easy to operate.
  • Meets the international standard ISO 3930 or OIML R99 NDIR gas sensor, HORIBA bench Level 1 accuracy requirements.
  • It has the functions with auto zero, auto calibration and leak check.
  • Flexible probe can suit almost all kinds tail tube.
  • It is equipped with the newest aluminum alloy drain separator. So that the efficiency of water separation is better.
  • Auto compensation ambient pressure and environmental temperature for eliminating variable influence.
  • Auto calculate engine AFR, Lamda.
  • It is equipped two idle test tufunction.
  • It can data storage more than 200 measuring results forre-read.
  • Input data vehicle
  • It equipped standard RS-232 interface and DC 0-1v
  • Signal output for connecting computer easily to you.
  • Can be integreated with 2 more equipment by VIS Control System
  • Enable up-grade soft with ISP interface

Measure principle: CO,CO2,HC are in Non-dispersive infrared spectrometry. O2,NOx are in electro chemical.

Download Emission Analyser of Model:



  • Measure range:
    • HC: 0-10000ppm vol
    • CO: 0-15.00%vol
    • CO2: 0-20.00%vol
    • O2: 0-25.00%vol
    • NO: 0-5000ppm vol
    • Lamda: 0.5 - 3.0
    • Oil-T: 0 - 150°C (Option)
    • RPM: 250 - 9000rpm (Option)
  • Warm up time: Within 15 minutes
  • Response time:T90 within 10 sec T95 within 15 sec
  • Output: RS-232
  • Ambient conditions:Temperature:0-40°C
  • Humidity: 20%-85%
  • Power supply: 220VAC | 10% | 50/60Hz
  • Power consumption: Approx 50 Watt
  • External dimensions: 270 x 160 x 410 mm(W x H x D)
  • Weight: Approx. 7.5kg