Dini Argeo is a company specialising in the production of weighing systems, portable truck scales, Axle Load Dynamic, Load cells and indicator scales.

With its own mechanical, electronic and information system knowledge, Dini Argeo creates mechatronic solutions which vary from mobile weighing systems to commercial scales as well as for industrial use, including a wide range of components, electronic and software solutions, for industrial automation and systems' integration.

With over 100 years of experience in weighing, dosage and industrial automation, Dini Argeo offers the available state of the art technology guaranteeing the top accuracy in the range of international standards.


Our scales Calibration and Verification services:

As certain the accuracy of the measurements allows you to guarantee the quality and save time and money, for all the weighing instruments that are legal for trade use, commercial use, or for those integrated in the production and logistics processes.

Welcome to our Customers Assistance Service:

Our team of technicians will examine your requirements from a pre-sales analysis to the product configuration and customization, spare parts and maintenance management up to the technical training for your sales and service team.

Installation, testing and maintenance

Dini Argeo with its own Assistance Network, is present widespread throughout Italy and in the world, guaranteeing support to installation and a prompt and highly qualified testing, with a continuous research of specific solutions for all needs and for all applications. A highly qualified and efficient technical and repair assistance guarantees a prompt handling and solution of all requests of our customers. The vast spare part stock and the various programmed maintenance formulas allow for a continuous support also for customers which require a continuous functioning of the systems without interruptions.

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