Diniargeo | AF09 Software For 3590E/CPWE indicators for wheel weighing system

AF09 Sofware Indicator 3590E

Software suitable for advanced applications of axle weighing and totalization for control of the weight of the vehicle or for input / output weighing


  • Clearing.
  • Preconfigurable Tare.
  • Result Print Out AF09
  • Totalisation functions:
    • Manual axle weighing and totalization.
    • Automatic static axle weighing and totalization.
    • Automatic dynamic axle weighing and totalization.
  • Two available functioning modes:
    • Checking the weight of the vehicle with printing of the axle and overall total weighs.
    • Axle totalisation with input/output function.
  • Input/output weighs' storage through ID CODE or VEHICLE PLATE (up to 999 suspended weighs).
  • Fully configurable keyboard functions according to customer requirements.
  • 15 configurable and printable ID texts containing each 32 characters (example: Code, Lot ID, operator ID, shift number, etc.).
  • Database of 500 customers, each with three 25-character alphanumeric descriptions.
  • Database of 500 articles, each with two 20-character alphanumeric descriptions.
  • Database of 500 vehicles, each with a 10-character value of the plate, a 20-character alphanumeric description, and a linked tare.
  • 6 levels of re-settable and independently printable totals: partial total, general total, grand total, customer total, article total and vehicle total.
  • Fully programmable printout from the keypad or PC (using the free Dinitools software), with the weight of each axle as well as the total weight of the vehicle. 30 print formats can be combined with various functions (PRINT-key , totalisation, customer total, article total and vehicle total, Partial total, General total, Grand total ...); each print format may contain up to 2048 positions which may be ASCII codes or preconfigured print blocks (i.e. Company name, lot and weigh progressive numbers, gross weight, tare, net, etc.).

"DINITOOLS" Software for quick configuration

  • Thanks to Dinitools, the programming of the set-up and of the databases as well as the customisation of the printouts according to the customer specifications will be quicker and easier
  • Dinitools also simplifies the creation of new weighing systems and allows to quickly restore the original configuration