Diniargeo | "WWSLM": Levelling Modules For Axle Weighing | Ramps For Portable Truck Scales

WWSLM Levelling Modules

Carriageable levelling modules for WWSE, WWSD, and WWSF series' platforms. Suitable for creating mobile or fixed axle weighing stations, and for dynamic weighing applications. These considerably improve the weighing results.


  • Recommended for stationary use.
  • Fitted with kit for joining the modules and fixing these to the pavement.
  • Maximum capacity of the single module: up to 20t.
  • Sturdy wooden structure, with a metal protective coating.
  • Mini aluminium ramps for easing the rising/descending of the vehicle.
  • Special vulcanised antislip rubber for maximum grip on all types of surfaces.
  • Usable both for static as well as dynamic applications.
 Levellling modules advantages

Levellling modules advantages

  • Reduction of the influence of the weighing suspensions.
  • Reduction of the height difference effect (important for vehicles with more than two axles).
  • Easy to install and move, for mobile weighing stations.
  • Reduced costs and installation time.
  • Modularity: by adding various modules it is possible to quickly increase the length of the weighing zone according to one's needs.
  • Reduced space, for easing the transport and the storage in the periods in which it's not used.
  • Useful for creating mobile or fixed axle weighing stations, of any length.

Levelling modules dimension of models

  • WWSELM, Dimension: 1200x700mm; Height: 59mm; Weight: 28kg
  • WWSDLM-1, Dimension: 1200x900mm; Height: 59mm; Weight: 35kg
  • WWSFLM, Dimension: 1200x900mm; Height: 71mm; Weight: 40kg