Diniargeo | "WWSB": Wheel And Axle Weighing Platforms (Portable Trcuk Scales)

WWSB - Wheel And Axle Weighing Platforms

Platforms designed for creating weighing stations for small sized vehicles (automobiles, carts, vans, etc.); particularly accurate and sturdy, with attention to details


  • Platform dimensions: 400x410mm. Height 58mm. Weight approximately 14,5kg.
  • Loading surface: 400x300mm.
  • Capacity load up to: 15000kg
  • Very handy.
  • Sturdy structure, made with special aluminium, which guarantees lightness and makes these suitable also for harsh working conditions.
  • Cable with quick connector, platform side.
  • 10m cable for connecting the platform to the indicator digital display, complete of connector.
  • IP65 aluminium load cells.
  • IP68 stainless steel load cells, in the WWSB versions with 6t and 8t capacity.
  • Hermetic junction box with IP68 protection degree.
  • Special vulcanised nonslip rubber applied under the platform, for good grip on all types of surfaces.
  • Extremely simple and reliable connection of the scale to the weight indicator.
  • Fitted with IP68 protection, with IP68 connector and PUR cable.
  • The WWS platforms are patented; the number is 1.342.302.
  • Availables in legal for trade approved version.
  • Availables in high resolution version.
  • Availables upon price estimate in Atex version for 1&21 e 2&22 zones.


  • The platforms are for legal for trade use:
    • In the single-platform systems, not used to weigh vehicles.
    • In the wheel weighing systems in which the number of platforms is equal to the number of vehicle wheels.
    • In the axle weighing systems composed of one or more multiples of WWS platforms, except possible limitations of use for some European States.
  • The CE-M legal for trade divisions indicated in the "version" table are available with ECEM option. ECEM option is needed for each legal for trade platform of the system.
  • Legal for trade systems with more than one WWS, are fitted with the approval of the weight sum and related division:
    • Exemple for a 4 pads system
    • Single CE-M Platform: Max=1500kg and e=0,5kg
    • CE-M SUM: Max=6000kg and e=2kg
WWS Ramp Allumunium