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 e10 p123c Handheld Dot Peen

The p123 portable dot peen marker is ideal for marking large and difficult-to-access parts. The specially designed front plate arches along the width to optimize marking on both flat and cylindrical surfaces. Thanks to the solenoid actuated marking pin, the p123 requires minimal maintenance and no pneumatic system. Capable of marking any material (including plastics and metals up to 62HRC), it maintains a consistent quality and precise accuracy.

Its rugged cast aluminum boxy, ABS cover, and stainless teel front plate combine to make the p123 a powerful, lightweight, and trusted tool across a multitude of sectors.


 e10 p123c with trolley
  • Mechanical Features:
    • Marking Window: 120 x 25 mm or 120 x 40 mm
    • Dimensions: 277 x 207 x 218 mm
    • Weight: 4.1 kg
    • Robotic Cable: 7.5m (up to 15m available)
    • Stylus: Carbide 60 mm
    • Stability: V-Shaped Front with Anti-Slip Surface
    • Setup Positioning: 4 Preset Positions
  • Electronic Technical Features:
    • The e10 controller provides its operator with a direct and easy-to-use interface. Its large graphic display and membrane-protected QWERTY keyboard make it perfect for use in industrial environments. Because the control box does not have any openings or ventilation, its interior electrical components are protected from harsh elements such as water, chemicals, dust, and material fragments

    • Dimensions: 322 x 380 x 112 mm
    • Weight: 5 kg
    • LCD Screen Resolution: 480x272 p.
    • Keyboard: QWERTY-Integrated, Membrane Overlay
    • Power: 300 watt
    • Power Supply: Single Phase, 85 to 260VAC, 50-60Hz
    • Number of Controlled Axis: 2 (3 and 4 axis available)
    • Card Options: Booster (deep marking) and Ethernet (communication)
    • USB Port: Transfer of Marking Files
  • Communication:
    • Port: USB and Jack
  • Software:
    • The e1 integrated controller software is used to program all parameters directly through the keyboard (autonomous operation). A Windows tool library also allows programming from a PC.

    • Marking Files: Up to 20,000
    • Memory: 100 Mb
    • Variable: Alphanumerical, Serial, Date, Barcode, and Logos
    • Marking Files: Upload/Download From a USB Key
    • Fonts: Courier, 4 x 6, OCR-Bold, OCRA, and OCR
    • Marking Type: Linear, Radial, Angular, Datamatrix, and Logo
    • Speed: Up to 2.5 Characters per Second
    • Character size: 1 mm (minimum)
    • Impact Force: 1 - 9 Levels
    • Depth: Up to 0.3 mm
    • Resolution Between Dots: 0.05 mm