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Founded in May 7, 1999, SPTC LTD. has been exerting efforts to establish a new guidepost in an environmental field by measuring with Sowon Precision Technologies Corporation, which has been playing a pioneering role in an ambient air analyzing field for over the past 20 years.

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SPTC LTD. has been dedicating itself to R&D and manufacturing of the integration of Ambient Air Quality Monitoring System, the Meteorological Instrument, the Water Quality Monitoring System, the Data Logger, the Data Acquisition System, the Industrial Process Gas Analyzer and Rats Expelling Instrument

Based on our world-top quality and diversely accumulated installation experiences in environment-related fields, we are making our very best efforts to become one of the environment protection corporations.

Autocheck Gas & Smoke Analyzer integrates Gaseous (CO, CO2, HC, O2, Nox, Lambda, or AFR) analyzer of Gasoline or LPG cars and Smoke Opacity Analyzer of Diesel Vehicle as one unit. And we actuated Diesel Engine RPM/Temperature mete of RPM/Oil Temperature meter for Gasoline Engine and switchable one adaptor box and one serial plug.

Gaseous Analyzer exceeds the performance requireents of ASM/BAR97 and OIML Class 1&0, while design criteria of Smoke Opacity conform to French NF R 10-025, the German PTB EO 18-09, ISO 11614 draft and ECE R24, Annex 8/9 specifications.

This technique measures the amount of ligh blocked by the sample on a scale of zero opacity to black with zero obscurity indicating no smoke in the sample cell and black design criteria.

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Emission Gas and Smoke Analyser

Two for One! (All in one) Autochek Gas & Smoke Analyzer integrates gaseous analyzer (CO, HC, CO2, O2, Nox, Lambda, and AFR), gasoline, LPG cars and Diesel vehicle Smoke analyzer as one unit.

It exceeds the performance requirements of BAR97 and OIML 1&0, Desing Criteria Conforms to French NF-R 10-025 standard. It also meets with the requirements of any regulations referring, from the point of view of the measurement, to European guidelines. A single adapter measures both Gasoline Engine RPM/OIL Temperature and Diesel Engine RPM/OIL Temperature.

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