Proulux of Headlight Tester

Our company has been operating since more than 20 years in the production and distribution of equipments for garages, body shops, tyre centers and inspection lines for cars/motorcycles and heavy vehicles

Tecnolux works in the automotive sector since the 90s; our company has a long experience in the automotive equipment industry and has always been sensitive to the needs of a constantly evolving market. The company structure has been developed and has grown in line with the production capacity. After moving to a new production site in order to optimize the industrial process, Tecnolux has been developing a structure of machines and equipments of the latest generation and provides its customers with a finished product in step with the times and needs of the market.

During the last five years, the company has been evolved from an artisanal production to an industrial production, through which it has increased the product quantity to be placed on the market, the quality of every single item and their operating efficiency.


Proulux of Headlight Testing

There are also climate changes and climbing crude oil prices besides the increasing volume of traffic and number of accidents that prompt us to act - or to be more precise in headlight adjustment. Our target is to produce an instrument that could adjust and aim the new generation headlight, created to provide a clear view during driving and maintain safety standards.

Model Of Headlight Tester:

  • Model of Moon: Electronic headlight tester with camera on board for a complete check and analisys of any beam installed on any vehicle.
  • Model of Lyra: Headlight tester equipped with news photocells technology electronic board enabling all headlights types reading.
  • Model of Ara: New concept mechanical headlight tester complete with steel base, aluminum column and visor.
  • Model of Virgo: New concept mechanical headlight tester complete with steel base, aluminum column and visor.
  • Model of Hydra: Electronic headlight beam setter equipped with PC connection RS232, mirror visor, base on wheels, turning column.
  • Model of Pegasso: Electronic headlight beam setter equipped with mirror visor, base on wheels and turning column;
  • Model of Gamma: Mechanical headlight beam setter, complete with digital luxmeter, mirror visor, ABS plastic covered base, electronic version RS232.
  • Headlight of Calibration: Unit for periodic and occasional calibration of headlight beam testers.