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Headlight Tester of Moon Model

Electronic headlight tester equipped with camera for a complete analysis of lights of any kind and any vehicle, interface by means of LCD monitor, colour diagram precisely and easily driving the operator during testing™ performances by means of few touches on the touch screen.

Tecnolux works in the automotive sector since the 90s; our company has a long experience in the automotive equipment industry and has always been sensitive to the needs of a constantly evolving market. The company structure has been developed and has grown in line with the production capacity. After moving to a new production site in order to optimize the industrial process, Tecnolux has been developing a structure of machines and equipments of the latest generation and provides its customers with a finished product in step with the times and needs of the market.

Features of Moon:

  • Mirror visor
  • Display Touch Screen
  • RS232 connection
  • USB connection for software
  • Laser Visor (optional)
  • Headlight Beam Rotation

During the last five years, the company has been evolved from an artisanal production to an industrial production, through which it has increased the product quantity to be placed on the market, the quality of every single item and their operating efficiency.

Description check:

  • Main Menu to Beam selection
  • Visual check on low beam position
  • Test area High Beam
  • Tolerance set-up
  • Set-up menu
Headlight Tester on Testing

CAMERA Software Features & Improvement:

  • Available Reading: halogen, xenon, led, low beam, high beam, fog beam;
  • Beam Pattern: European left/right hand driving UK / USA / JAPAN;
  • Available Languages: 5 always included 3 additional if requested
  • Communication protocol: existing Net1, Net2, Giegnet, GiegLan - To be implemented at market request;
  • Software update : RS232 Port
  • Connectivity: RS232, WiFi, Bluetooth