DGT100: MAXI Weight Indicator - Universal Repeater

Indicator Repeater DGT-100

Indikator DGT-100 berat / repeater dengan tampilan matriks besar yang terdiri dari LED terang yang sangat intens. Sangat cocok untuk penggunaan di luar ruangan, itu terlihat jelas bahkan di bawah sinar matahari penuh dan jika perlu untuk melihat dari kejauhan di sudut mana pun. Kasing sepenuhnya dalam baja tahan karat IP68.


  1. RS232/C bidirectional port configurable for connection to printer, PC, or other external units.
  2. RS485 bidirectional port configurable for connection to PC, PLC, or other external units.
  3. PROFIBUS serial interface (DGT100PB model).
  4. 2 photomosfet outputs: 150 mA 48 Vac / 150 mA 60 Vdc (NO), with configurable functions.
  5. 2 optoisolator photocouplers: 12÷24 Vdc, 5 mA min - 20 mA max, with configurable functions.
  6. 16-bit analogue output (DGT100AN model) 4-20mA / 0-5Vdc / 0-10Vdc at choice; maximum applicable voltage: 300 Ohm; minimum applicable voltage resistance: 1 kohm.


  1. The weight of the single platform is legal for trade.
  2. The total weight of the vehicle is legal for trade depending on the application:
    1. The wheel weighing systems, with a number of platforms equal to the number of vehicle's wheels, are approved, because the weight of the vehicle is determined in only one weigh
    2. The axle weighing systems are for internal use only.
    3. The CE-M division in which the total weight of the vehicle is indicated in the wheels weighing systems (4 platforms) is equal to the sum of the single platforms’ divisions, rounded. Example: with 4 approved platforms with division 200g, the approved sum weight will be indicated with division 1kg.
  1. CE-M EN 45501, OIML R-76, OIML R-61 (MID), OIML R-51 (MID)
  2. Australian legal for trade certificate of approval (NMI S788)
  3. OIML R76
  4. OIML R61 - MID
  5. OIML R51
Indicator DGT-100


    1. Zeroing; Semi automatic and presettable tare, print and/or data transmission; ON/Stand-by.
    1. Setpoint, high resolution, peak, alibi memory, unit of measure conversion.
    1. Simulation of key pressure; Keyboard lock.
    1. Set Point Control on the weight, either positive (in loading) or negative (in unloading), or on the pieces (counting mode), with programmable enabling/disabling thresholds, as direct check or upon weight stability.
    1. On all models: Reading of the net, gross, and tare weights; Clearing; Semi automatic and presettable tare; Scale switch; Setting of outputs activation thresholds; Reading/Writing of Alibi Memory.
    2. DGT100BC and DGT100AN models: Reading of microvolts or ADC converter for all the channels; Message display; Printing; Setting of APW in counting mode; Simulation of key pressure; MODBUS serial protocol.
    1. Analogue output proportional to the net or gross weight, either positive (in loading) or negative (in unloading).

Main Features:

  1. Functional 5-key waterproof keypad.
  2. Large 6-digit display, 100 mm high, with very efficient SMD LEDs, complete of 6 Leds for indication of active functions, visible from over 25 m, with viewing angle up to 120° and with power up to 750 mcd.
  3. Software adjustment of the brightness intensity by keyboard.
  4. AISI 304 stainless steel case with IP68 protection complete of wall fixing bracket.
  5. Fitted with an anti condensation air valve for regulating the humidity and the pressure inside the indicator.
  6. Calibration, Set-Up parameters, configurable from keyboard or from PC with DINI TOOLS.
  7. Max. 10.000e or multirange 2 x 3000e @ 0,3 µV/e in CE-M approved version for legal for trade use.
  8. Max. 800.000 displayable divisions viewable with internal resolution up to 3.000.000 points.
  9. Up to 8 signal linearisation points with DINITOOLS.
  10. A/D 24 bit sigma-delta 4-channel conversion, max.400 conv./sec. with automatic selection.
  11. Connectable with up to 8 analogue load cells with 350 Ohm input resistance.
  12. Management of a weighing system with up to 4 cells with digital equalisation or management of up to 4 independent weighing systems.
  13. Power supply from 12 to 24 Vdc with 110-240 Vac internal power supplier.
  14. Available as Scale or as Repeater version.